Can Dogs Lie to Their Owners?

Have you ever wondered if your dog is honest or not? You know your pet well and you want to believe that your dog is always telling the truth, but is it really true? Can a dog lie to its owner? And even if they do, do dogs lie? Here are some answers to that question, based on the latest research findings.

Can dogs lie?
It’s hard to look at your adorable companion and not wonder if they might be hiding the truth. You want to believe that your pet is too kind, good-natured, and loving to willingly tell a lie. However, recent studies have shown that dogs may lie or “not tell” the truth if it suits them.

The young beagle looks around curiously, his cute but sad face directed at the puppy sitting in the front seat of the small car. Thoughtful black eyes and long ears

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Zurich and published in the journal Animal Cognition, presented dogs with cooperative and competitive humans. In this study, the “cooperative” people were those who shared treats with the dogs after rewarding them. The “competing” people gave the dogs treats for the test, kept the treats for themselves, and did not share them with the dogs.

The dogs were then asked to lead their companions to one of three boxes: one was empty, one contained regular cookies, and the third contained sausages, considered to be the best dog food. The results showed that when dogs were asked to lead their “cooperating” companions to the box of sausages, they were more likely to lead them to the box of sausages, but to lead their “competing” companions to other boxes away from that box.

This dog didn’t want to share the sausage, so he deliberately led his “competing” companion away from the sausage so that it wouldn’t be taken.


What to do with an unfaithful dog
Since there is no sign that the dog is lying, it is hard to tell if it is really trying to cheat. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to treat your pet with suspicion in the future. Your dog is probably an honest creature who wants your affection. He may have just found the quickest way to get what he needs from you.

When this study was featured in an article in Psychology Today, the example of a dog barking to let its owner know that someone was approaching the house was used. If the owner looks out the window and sees the dog, he will be more alert, whether someone is approaching or not.

Could your dog do the same? Maybe! However, your dog probably has no ill intentions. We all strive to be the best we can be, don’t we? So there’s not much you can do to “fix” behavior that seems to be deceiving you. Love your dog, set clear boundaries, and enjoy your life together.

Don’t lose sleep over the fear that your dog might cheat on you. Now you know that even the friendliest furry cat can manipulate a situation to get what he thinks is right, all to spoil you more.

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