Natural remedies for allergies

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you may already be looking for relief. Most people turn to over-the-counter medications. While these medications do work in most cases, many people are concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. If you are one of these people, perhaps you should keep reading. Below we have listed some natural remedies for allergies. Many of them are considered natural remedies for allergies, but they are also known as home remedies for allergies.

One of the natural remedies for allergies that is highly rated and recommended is apple cider vinegar. Often the only complaint most people have about apple cider vinegar is the taste. However, it is not only known as a natural cure for allergies. Many people also use it to treat weight loss, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Most people who use apple cider vinegar to treat allergies recommend taking two tablespoons daily. It is recommended to mix it with fruit juice or water, which can help with taste problems.

Red clover is another natural remedy to treat allergies. The good thing about using red clover to treat allergy symptoms is all the possibilities, as red clover comes in different forms. However, most allergy sufferers recommend red clover tea. Red clover wine and herbal supplements containing red clover, which are in tablet form, can also be purchased both online and offline.

Careful selection of the foods you eat is another natural way to reduce or treat allergy symptoms. Lime squeezed in water is known to help allergy sufferers. Vegetable juices and bananas are also well liked and recommended.

Acupuncture is also an ideal way to treat and relieve allergy symptoms. According to WebMD, a reliable medical website, acupuncture helped reduce allergy symptoms in a study conducted among twenty-six patients. If you would like to try acupuncture, contact your local spa, as many offer alternative treatments. If acupuncture is not among the services offered, ask for the contact details of another local doctor.

In addition to the natural allergy remedies listed above, there are also steps you can take to prevent allergies and reduce your symptoms. Most of these tips can still be considered natural allergy remedies, but in a different sense. These additional tips, some of which are described below, are affordable and easy to implement by almost anyone suffering from allergies.


With pet allergies, keep a safe distance from them. However, if you own a pet and cannot part with it, be sure to keep it away from your room where it spends most of its time.

Since mold is a common cause of allergies, it is important to take steps to remove mold from your home or prevent it from developing. Limiting the humidity in your home is a good way to reduce or prevent mold altogether. Use a bathroom fan or open the bathroom window while showering to reduce the appearance of mold in the bathroom. If you already have mold in your home, contact a professional and ask about removing it. Until this is done, avoid places in your home where mold is present.

The above natural allergy treatments are just a few of the many that allergists recommend, but they are among the most popular. As a reminder, it is important to remember that natural and home remedies affect different people differently. If you do not achieve the desired success, your hope is not lost, as there must be another natural allergy remedy to relieve you.

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