The 15 laziest dog breeds – the perfect choice for lapdog owners

When you come home after a hard day, you need an energetic dog that can snuggle up to you and relax. Frankly, having a more active dog can be exhausting. So a relaxed puppy is in order. They like to get as much rest as possible, so we walk them several times a day and of course give them lots of love.
But before we get to that question, is a “lazy breed” a real breed? Or is it just too good to be true? Welcome to our complete guide to lazy dog breeds!

  1. English Bulldog.

This dog breed is also known as the “king of lazy dogs”. Just like you need your morning coffee or daily shower, a bulldog needs a full wash once every 24 hours. When their bellies are full, they will beg for bed.

French Bulldog
A unique breed, the French Bulldog is on the verge of becoming the most popular dog breed in the world. When it comes to laziness, they surpass their English cousins.
If you like to run, swim or hike, the French Bulldog is not for you. The French Bulldog is sometimes called a potato dog or a paw dog.

Havanese .
The Havanese is another breed that is popular with city dwellers and has a “baby” face. They like to play or go for short walks, but if you notice them panting, it’s best to stop them and go home to rest. We all know that the secret to youth lies in long sleep.

St. Bernard.
This gentle giant is gentle, patient and loving, making him the perfect breed for families with young children. This is a big dog that is so big, it will never get bigger again. And they grow and grow. Understandably, the weight of fat makes walking tiring, and besides, wearing a very thick coat in warm climates is uncomfortable in the cold.

Meet the dog with the biggest nose of all bullie breeds. These adorable pugs brighten up your party with their cute buzzing sounds. Also, if they snore, they won’t let you sleep through the night. They are not ashamed to show their laziness. Therefore, if you want to own a dog of this breed, you must have their treats.



Tibetan spaniels can sometimes be curious and wary, but after such episodes they like to sleep. All dogs need exercise, but some breeds spend more time sleeping than exercising. These lazy dogs are the favorites of lap dog owners. Their needs can only be met in a small space. Their small size makes them ideal for chewing on legs and other body parts.

The smallest of the toy dog breeds is called a “lap dog” for a reason. Many of them have a good rapport with people and love to be around them. However, some of them overdo it and become very intrusive. There are ways to help the affectionate chihuahua that will benefit both dog and owner. They feel more comfortable indoors and can sleep through the afternoon. No wonder they are on the “couch potato” list.

If you put them in a comfortable bed, they usually fall asleep right away. They love to sleep next to their owners and reminisce day and night. So if you want a lazy, cute, cat-like dog, the Japanese Chin is perfect for you.

9) Bullmastiff.

This breed is too lazy to work. This is a master of master of master. Moderately sized and strong, this “muscular dog” looks like he wants to work hard but can’t.

English Mastiff.
This breed is considered the laziest. They require minimal training. They look calm, but their form does not match their capabilities. Finally, no dog can decide to become a dog before it is born. Nevertheless, they have tried.

11) Labrador retriever.

These breeds are known for their open nature and pleasant, gentle disposition. However, when faced with something serious in their lives, they choose to sleep and be quiet.

This is another lazy dog breed, but there is little difference between them and Pomeranians. They don’t care much about their image. Take a look at how they live in the wild.

13 Pomeranians.

They have very cute faces and miniature bodies. They love to nap and their smile will charm you for the day.

The cartoon Snoopy from Peanuts made the beagle famous around the world. Just like Snoopy, this animal also likes to sleep.

If you interfere too much with their sleep patterns, you will have to manage their temperament: they are only active for about an hour, an average of 64.72 minutes a day.
If you think they sleep too long, you can wake them up and play ball with them.

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